Hire Me

Want me to fix your trial messaging?

If you’re solving an interesting problem…

If you’re excited about what you’re doing…

If you believe that optimizing your copy is the difference between staying where you are and getting to where you want to go…

…then we might be a good fit.

If that sounds like you, here are two ways I can help you:

Mighty Audit:

Tired of sending emails that get ignored? Wondering what separates your CTAs from the click-magnet CTAs the other guys are sending? Running out of ways to explain low activation to your team? The Mighty Audit just might be for you. I’ll audit up to 10 of your emails and give you marching orders for how to fix ’em.

Tell me more about the Mighty Audit

Full-Service Done-For-You Free Trial Conversion Consulting

Sometimes it’s not enough to *hear* what’s wrong with your¬†onboarding copy–you need someone to step in and actually fix it for you. If you think that someone might be me, step one is for you to schedule a 15-minute right-fit intro call to tell me about what’s going on in your world–and to make sure we’re a good fit.

If we are, we’ll talk about next steps. If we’re not, I’ll recommend someone who might be able to help (if I can).

Schedule your 15-minute right-fit intro call