Feb 21

What An Awesome Cover Letter Looks Like

A cover letter won’t get you a job. It will get you an interview. And if you’re plenty awesome, which, of course, you are, you’ll get the job yourself in the interview. Here’s an example of what an awesome cover letter looks like:

United by Blue
340 North 12th Street #422
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(800) 779-0240

Dear Internship Hiring Manager:

I am writing in response to the posting on Philadelphia University’s CareerLink. I spoke with Alli Blum Monday about applying for a fall internship with United by Blue. I am currently a Junior Textile Design major searching for an opportunity to assist a company in pattern design or product development and gain experience from a professional setting to further my career goals.

United by Blue’s dedication to cleaning up the world’s waterways is something that attracted me to this internship over all others.  To be honest, before this summer I did not really think about where my waste would go.  As far as I was concerned it was picked up every Tuesday and then it was no longer my problem.  However after studying abroad this summer in India I quickly became aware that as Americans we are blind to the impact that our waste truly has on the environment because of our out of sight out of mind attitude.  When abroad I realized that a large portion of the world simply buries their waste in their own backyard or litter the waterways. It truly was a shame to see trash littering the glacial lakes of the Himalayas.  The fact that United by Blue is searching for alternate ways of recycling plastics is of great interest to me. 

As an aspiring textile designer I am very interested in alternate fiber options that are friendlier to the environment. I have experience designing motifs and developing them into patterns in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and by hand.  Having taken a textile design research class, I am also able to perform field based studies and sketches.  I would be excited to learn about United by Blue’s process of creating clothing and accessory patterns as well as the research process used by the designers. I have also taken knit and weave courses where I have tested fibers and garments for shrinkage and other quality- testing procedures, as well
as learning the basics of a cost sheet.

United by Blue’s focus on sustainable design is a very exciting concept and I hope that my skills in the textile field can benefit the company and also allow me to gain valuable experience.  Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!


The Applicant We Hired and Loved

Here’s why this cover letter got my attention:

1. The applicant mentions that she spoke with me, and in so doing reminds me that she took the initiative to call ahead and ask a question. (Bonus feature: She called me. I have over 500 unread emails right now, and I just deleted 600 last week. Call me if you want to get my attention.) If you want to stick out from the crowd, start conversations and remember who you have them with.

2. After a short intro paragraph about herself, she dedicates her first paragraph to explaining why working at UBB is of personal interest to her—she’s undergone a personal change and has new commitment to our mission. When you write a cover letter, you want to make sure you demonstrate that you a) know what the company is all about and b) that you are going to be a great fit for the culture.

3. She tells us her skills. Everyone has skills, what are yours? Tell us what you can do in concrete terms. Give an example of a project that you’ve worked on and a goal you’ve achieved. It tells us a) how you would fit into our company and b) shows that you’re capable of something.

4. She tells us what she wants to learn during her internship. The best candidates have always have a plan. They know what they want to learn and what they want to accomplish. They know how they’ll fit into the company. And if they don’t, they ask questions until they do. If you want to get noticed, have a plan.

At the end of the day, we’re not trying to give someone a job or fill a position. We’re trying to build a team. We want to know what you’ve done and what you’ll do once you get here. Like most employers, we want to hire you. Show us why we should.

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