Hire Me

Let me help you go from, “This feels off in a cloudy-muddy-hazy way,” to “Oh. Okay. That’s why. Now we can fix it.”

If you’re a marketer at a B2B SaaS business with more than 5,000 customers and at least 2 years in business, a good time to consider hiring me is when you….

…join a team (or even when you’re thinking about joining a team) and want to shine a light on the team’s blind spots

…learn that you can do some really cool personalization on your site and with your emails but need someone to build your strategy for you

…realize that marketing could be driving way, way more revenue but there’s a lot more work you need to do first

…finally have your quantitative data flows in order but still aren’t sure why everyone churns at 6 months

…have a pretty good idea of “what” is happening around conversions but aren’t sure why

…are planning to launch a CRO strategy and need conversion copy to test

Here’s how:


The Onboarding Email Mighty Audit

“Tell me what’s wrong with the onboarding emails I’m sending.”

Tired of sending emails that get ignored? Wondering what separates your CTAs from the click-magnet CTAs the other guys are sending? Running out of ways to explain low activation to your team? Then the Mighty Audit, an onboarding email copy audit, just might be for you. I’ll audit up to 10 of your emails and give you marching orders for how to fix them.

Learn about the Mighty Audit

Onboarding Audit and Roadmapping Session

“I’ve tried to fix onboarding but I’m struggling to get buy-in from stakeholders.”

One of the biggest challenges about onboarding is that it’s hard to get your team on the same page – and that’s what the Onboarding Roadmapping Session is for. I’ll talk with your teammates, look at your data, and build your team a concrete plan to optimize your onboarding.

Learn more about the Onboarding Audit and Roadmapping Session


Find Out Why: Open an Investigation into a Revenue-Related Problem

“We know what happens on our site and in our product, but we don’t know why – so our growth experiments keep failing.” 

This is a fixed scope research engagement to begin an investigation into a single revenue-related question. Usually, that means getting the answer to questions including, “Why do people sign up?” “Why do people upgrade?” or “Why do people cancel?”

Learn more about “Find Out Why”

Find Out Who: Build the Architecture of Your Personalization Strategy

“We have several customer segments and I don’t know what they care about – or how to speak to each of them.”

In this engagement, we’ll learn who is coming to your site, what they want to do, and how to segment your audience so each new user gets a personalized, concierge experience crafted just for them.

~Coming Soon~


Single Variant Copy

Hire me to write a single version of a new web page, landing page, home page, email, or sequence of emails. It’s a single project (or set of projects) with a fixed scope of work with a clear and final delivery date.

CRO Strategy Copy

Hire me to write multiple variants of headlines, web pages, landing pages, home pages, and emails to test. This may mean *either* developing several variants of copy for you to test in a single fixed scope project *or* developing several variants to test on an ongoing, retainer basis.

Both single variant and CRO strategy copy projects require an audit or investigation as your initial engagement. If you know you need copy but aren’t sure which research engagement you should start with, fill out this form.

I typically book projects ~2 months out. If you think you might want help diagnosing or fixing a revenue-related problem at your business, reach out sooner rather than later.