Mighty Audit

“I get a lot of traffic, but very few free trial signups stay past 1 or 2 logins…and even fewer sign up for paid plans”

Here’s the deal: the famous SaaS success stories make it sound simple. If you want to build the next $bazillion MRR App, all you need to do is follow this recipe:

Step 1: Find a problem and build an app to solve it
Step 2: Automate your marketing
Step 3: Travel the world while your app earns you lots of dollars

….but it turns out that step 2 is a minefield

Even though you’ve read the case studies on how other SaaS apps use email automation to optimize their free trials….

…you still have a hard time getting people to sign back in after the first 5 minutes.

Even if you’ve tried sending different kinds of automated messages…

…your engagement still stinks.

Even though you know that optimized emails could perform a lot better…

…you’re not an expert and you don’t have 20 hours a week to become one.

Is there a better way?

You betcha.

The Free Trial Mighty Audit is the fastest way to figure out what’s wrong with your SaaS trial emails

With the Mighty Audit, you get custom, expert-level advice on how to fix the copywriting problems that might be killing engagement for your free trial lifecycle emails.

You’ll get advice made exclusively for you

…instead of a theoretical framework you read about in a blog post.

You’ll get expert insight on how to fix your free trial emails…

…without having to devote your life to thumbing through the copywriting canon.

You’ll get more users to understand how your app can change their life…

…even if your app isn’t new, interesting, or novel.

In other words, you’ll get the mystery-solving power of custom conversion copy consulting…without the high cost

When you’re ready to hire someone to rewrite your onboarding emails and web copy, you can expect to lay out cash in the 5 figures.

That kinda cash will buy you a comprehensive data review, in-depth customer research, and a web site and set of emails custom-built to help you get your free trial users to realize “A-ha! This product was made for me.”

One day, you’ll be ready for that level of service.

That day might not be here yet.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

How do you know if the Mighty Audit was made for you?

It’s not for everyone.

But it is a great fit for you if:

  • You’ve already written free trial lifecycle emails
  • You’re not getting people to sign in past the first 10 minutes of using your app
  • You still believe that optimizing your free trial can help you improve conversions, even if your first few tries failed
  • You know that a custom copy critique could help you get the laser-focused feedback you need to improve conversions
  • You believe that rewriting even a single email can maximize the impact (and ROI) of every other marketing dollar you spend
  • Your response to anyone who says you need to devote 20 hours a week to learning how to write high-converting email copy is “Yeeeah that’s not gonna happen, pal”

I promise you this: the Mighty Audit will find something to fix or I’ll personally book you a consult with someone else.

If you buy a Mighty Audit, submit your emails, and I can’t find single thing you can change to improve them, I’ll personally book you a 1-hour consult with another free trial optimization strategist–and you’ll still get my analysis of your emails.

But because I sign up for SaaS free trials all the time, I don’t expect that to happen.

Why? Because the vast majority of free trial emails have more things not working for them than working for them.

Which is why I want to help you understand what’s not working with your emails…

…and set you on the right path to fix them.

Here’s what you get for your money:

  • Live audit videocast (plus transcript) of the lifecycle emails you send to one segment of your free trial signups
  • Custom teardown of the copy on the home page or landing page where most of your trial users sign up
  • One 30 minute call to ask me follow-up questions
  • Brutal, honest feedback on your on-site messaging, subject lines, body copy, and CTAs (plus the impact those elements could be having on conversions)
  • Answers to questions like “Why don’t my users sign back in?” and “Why don’t they click my links?” and “How can I attract more of the right kind of prospects?”
  • Immediately actionable suggestions that you can use right away to get more free trial users to sign in and use your app

Your Mighty Audit gets you deep, comprehensive feedback based on everything I’ve learned from successes and failures during years running email marketing programs and training in conversion copywriting techniques from the best of the best.

Afterward, you’ll be saying things like this:

“Your help with the webinar email was so incredible and funnily enough, led to a ton of improvements to the webinar itself. One of the main pieces of your feedback that stood out to me was how we were including a “feature focused” list of what users would learn, rather than a “benefits focused” list. This was absolutely spot on. So I worked on that and came up with a better benefits focused list. But after I’d done that it got me thinking…. now I need to live up to this on the webinar!

So as a result, I’ve re-written the entire webinar and ran the first session on Wednesday. The feedback was incredible, the interest ratings shot up and the average time on the session was 20% higher! So I really do have to thank you from the bottom of my heart, not only for helping us to improve the invitation, but inspiring me to improve the webinar itself.”

Hannah Voice
Onboarding @ Buffer

Still have questions? Here’s your answers:

“When is the best time to get started?”

Now. (It’s always now, isn’t it?) Since I only offer a limited number Mighty Audits per month, the best time to secure your place in line and get the copy advice you need is now. If you wait to book, you might come back to this page to see a heading that says “Current wait time: 2 months”

“What happens when I hit “pay”?”

After you click “checkout”, you’ll get an email with a link to a form where you’ll share screenshots of your emails. Clicking “checkout” on the next page and “Submit” on the typeform will trigger notifications to me so that I know you’ve bought a Mighty Audit and that it’s time to start digging into your emails. After ~10 days, you’ll get your videocast and transcript

“How many emails will you review?”

Up to 10. If you only have a few emails, no problem. Since the point of a SaaS trial isn’t to reach an arbitrary goal of sending a certain number of emails, the point of a Mighty Audit isn’t to audit a certain number of emails. Instead, the audit is about giving you detailed feedback that you can use to improve your how you talk to your new trial users, no matter how many emails you send.

“How long does it take?”

Most of the time, you can count on me to finish your video audit and transcript within 10 days of when you submit your emails into the form. When there’s an American holiday on the calendar, expect it to take a few days longer. (i.e. if you submit your copy on July 2, expect at least a 2-day delay because of Independence Day on July 4.)

“What do I actually get when you’re done?”

As soon as your audit is complete, you’ll get a link to watch or download the video file and transcript. You’ll also get a link to schedule your private 30-minute one-on-one call with me.

“Will you also look at my data and workflows?”

I’ll ask you about the triggers that send your emails, but this review is only for the copywriting in your emails and on your home page.

“Will I get to ask follow-up questions?”

Of course. Every Mighty Audit comes with a 30-minute one-on-one call.

“How much does it cost?

$999 payable by your favorite credit card.

Is it worth $999 to get expert advice on how to turn your onboarding emails into a customer engagement machines?

This time two weeks from now you could be sitting on a treasure trove of insights on how to fix your onboarding emails….

…or you could be stuck in the same spot, still wondering why no one signs back in to use your app, whether marketing automation is just a bunch of hype, and whether your app will ever really take off.

Only you can know if the Mighty Audit is right for you, right now.

And if the answer is yes, then you know what to do.

Email Alli to book my Mighty Audit