Onboarding Intro Course

“There’s a formula for SaaS trials that get users to upgrade but I haven’t found it yet”

If you’re a SaaS founder, marketer, or writer who makes it your personal business…

…to send every new user an information-packed welcome email

…to drip out case studies and success stories to new users

…to segment each new user down to their taco preference

…but your trial optimization rates are *still* too sad to bring up at your weekly meetings, then it can all feel like a waste.

After all: aren’t you doing the same thing those other guys are doing?

Aren’t you plotting email sequences and sending them out just like those apps who publish Medium articles about their 6892% free-to-paid conversion rate?

Aren’t you using “best practices”?

So……why isn’t it working?

When marketing fails, it usually fails at the last mile.

In the telecom industry, they call the cords that go from the street to your house the “last mile”.

The cords and wires that make up the global communication system travel all over the world, through dense infrastructure, and literally under the ocean.

But if they don’t finish the so-called “last mile” where they get to your house, then you won’t actually be able to watch Netflix.

In our world, the last mile is the copy.

The cords that travel all around the world are the personas you build, the segmentation you do, and ideas you want to share with your prospects.

The last mile is delivering the right message to the right reader at the right time.

The words you say on your site and in your onboarding emails reach your reader on the “last mile” of their quest to solve a problem…

…and getting them right is the thing that’s standing between you and a growing customer base that upgrades at the end of trials, stays with you for years, and tells all of their friends about how much they love you.

So how do you fix your SaaS trial messaging?

With something I like to call “SaaS Onboarding CRO.”

SaaS Onboarding CRO is the process of researching, writing, and testing your onboarding messaging so that you can keep more of your trial users.

Maybe you’ve heard the term CRO before.

It stands for “conversion rate optimization” and it’s all about optimizing your site so that more visitors can find what they’re looking for–and then do something.

Onboarding CRO is about taking the same principles of site-CRO (user research, analytics, testing) and applying it to your onboarding messaging.

Some CRO is about getting someone to give you their email address, their money, or their attention.

Onboarding CRO is about getting your best-fit prospects to upgrade to a paid plan at the end of their trial.

And it’s a process–not a secret formula.

Most SaaS apps that offer a trial can maximize the impact of every other marketing effort they undertake by optimizing it.

I like to think of trial optimization as the insulation of SaaS marketing. If your house is cold, you can turn up the heat, you can put on a sweater, or you can do some jumping jacks.


You can find the holes around your doors and windows where the heat is leaking, plug them, and then be even warmer and toastier when you crank up the heat.

Onboarding CRO helps you plug the holes in your trial…

…and I want to help you do it.

I want to help you find out what your customers are thinking, what they need to hear to sign back in and use your app, and how to break down the big hairy “marketing monster” into the most important (and manageable) copy projects that you can actually finish.

Even if…

  • You think your product isn’t new, interesting, or novel
  • Your app isn’t in a niche “where people consume content”
  • You think your writing skills aren’t that great
  • You don’t think of yourself as an expert email marketer
  • You’ve tried to optimize your web copy or free trial emails before but nothing happened

So, how can I can help you?

You can hire me to tell you what’s wrong with your onboarding messaging.

You can hire me to fix your onboarding messaging.

Or you can learn how to do it yourself in my free 4-part email course.

If you sign up for it, you’ll learn:

  • The mindset critical to successful SaaS trial optimization
  • The hypothesis you should test first
  • How to figure out what your CTAs should be (and how many you need in each email)
  • What it means to join the conversation happening in your customers’ head (and how to do it)
  • The research method you’ve probably been told not to do–but actually should
  • How to pull it all together to write an email

At the end of this 4-part course, you’ll have a fully functional ready-to-test trial email…

…and you’ll be well on your way to cracking the code on how to attract and keep more of your best prospects.

Want in? Drop your email in the box and I’ll email your first lesson to you right now.