SaaS Retros

Did you ever see someone tweet about how they solved a gnarly SaaS problem and wonder, “Wait but how?”

You’re minding your own business… scrolling along… when you see @BusinessRoleModel tweet about how their new onboarding flow doubled free to paid conversions.

Or @YourFavoriteSpeaker figured out to support trial users without overinvesting in customers who will never upgrade.

And it’s like, “Cool, maybe I can extract a gameplan from that tweet that I can apply to my work.”

Except… it’s not! A single tweet – or even a tweet thread – doesn’t have the whole story.

SaaS Retros is an interview series where people working in SaaS share all. the. deets. about they solved a specific, discrete problem.

Each interview is a conversation with someone in SaaS who has done a thing where we talk about how they did that thing.

It’s less, “Here’s what works generally.” (<–There are many great shows with this format.)

And more, “Okay so we realized new users were confused about what to do when they created their accounts so here’s how we reworked copy and design and now here’s what’s happening as a result.” (<–There are probably shows with this format, tell me if you know about them.)

You’ll hear interviewees hash through what they did, what worked well, and what worked less well.

These interviews are for early- and growth-stage companies.

You’ll be able to get the audio on your favorite podcast app and right here. I’m also fairly sure I’ll post audio and transcripts here, though I may make a standalone site.

The first set of interviews will answer questions related to onboarding and they’re probably going live in January.

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