SaaS Retros

Do you want to know how other people worked through the same SaaS problem holding you hostage?

Ever tried googling to find out who has solved your software business problem – only to get stuck wondering what you should even be googling?

Ever try a new app and wonder, “Hey are these emails working well? Should I try something similar?”

Ever see a tweet from another founder and want the whole backstory?

If you are working in SaaS and want to know how another person working in SaaS has solved a problem you have, this is an interview series for you.

Specifically, if you have a question that starts with “how did you” and ends with…

…get more people to install your code snippet on their site during the free trial?
…get more people to log in the day after they sign up for a trial?
…manage 300+ custom fields across your marketing stack?
…get your first 100 customers
…announce a price increase
…build a voice of customer program

Then this interview series is a good place to find the answer.

Each interview is a conversation between me, Alli (Hi! 👋 more on me later), and someone in SaaS who has done a thing where we talk about how they did that thing.

Well how about I interview you first, Alli?

Okay sure, that can be a sometimes useful exercise.

Who will you interview and what will you talk about?

People in SaaS who have done a thing. Could be a founder or early team member. Could be a member of a 40-person team. Could be a consultant who has worked with multiple clients. 

Whoever the guest, the goal of each conversation is to understand how each interviewee approached a specific problem, what they did, and what happened. Questions I’ll ask each guest will be along the lines of…

“What was happening when you realized you needed to address how you position your business?”
“Who was in the room when you were evaluating a new approach for automating your onboarding messaging?”
“After you launched that experiment, what happened?”

So even if it’s a consultant who has worked with multiple clients, I’m going to try to resist asking questions like…

“What should people do if they encounter low free-to-paid conversion rates?”
“What’s your roadmap look like when you have new projects?”
“What do you recommend if someone is seeing a ton of churn happen 4 months in?”

There are many excellent shows covering these topics. This interview series is going to focus on conversations about things that happened, as opposed to approaches to things that could happen.

Is this show for early stage or growth stage companies?

Both. The challenges you face when your business is small are interesting. The challenges when your team is 100+ people are also interesting. Also, when your business grows, I want you to still be able to learn something here.

How often are interviews released?

Once every two weeks or so. Sometimes more often, sometimes less often. Committing to a regular schedule gives me agita, okay?

What’s in it for me?

The problem that you’re working on might go away. Or it might not. Honestly, no guarantees here.

Oh also, if you listen to someone’s show and email them afterward to tell them they were helpful for you, then you might make a new friend. Maybe even a confidant.

Where can I get this brain juice?

You’ll be able to get the audio on your favorite podcast app and right here. I’m also fairly sure I’ll post audio and transcripts here, though I may make a standalone site. Too early to say, really.

Why are you doing this, Alli?

I still labor under the delusion that one day I’ll have my own late night variety show where I get to interview Nobel Laureates and comediennes. This is my audition.

JK. Kind of, anyway. The real story is that any time I see someone tweet about something they’re working on, I want the whole story with all the details.

Will there be jokes?

Can’t promise they’ll tickle your funny bone, but yeah. Probably a few. 

Who are you, Alli?

I diagnose revenue-related problems for B2B SaaS companies. If those problems can be fixed with conversion copywriting, I fix ’em. You can read more about my consulting business (and even see how you can hire me) on the rest of this site.

I’m also a MicroConfer, BoS-er, and TinySeed mentor.

Can you interview me? Or someone I know?

Yes, probably. I’m still working on a proper pitch form so in the meantime email me

I am especially interested in stories about:

  • Onboarding (This is where I do most of my work. It’s also the subject of the first interview “collection”)
  • Tag/Filter/Field Governance within email service providers and across marketing tech stacks (This is one of the problems driving me most batty at the moment)
  • Email marketing
  • Conversion Copywriting
  • CRO
  • Working with customer feedback
  • Research methodology
  • Research operations
  • Building repeatable sales operations
  • Building team and project workflows

I am doubly especially interested in hearing stories that have not been shared before.

I am triply especially interested in hearing stories shared by people who are underrepresented in software.

And if you have solved a cool problem, haven’t shared your work publicly, have been thinking about when there will be a good time to start sharing – this is it. Pitch me. I want to hear from you.

When will the first show be released?

I recorded the first two episodes in autumn 2018, then the holidays, then the New Year, then two speaking engagements, etc. etc. So… hopefully soonish.

But if you want, you can sign up for my email and I’ll tell you when the first interview is live. 👇