Are you a leader, just sitting in front a software business, asking it to grow?

Wondering where that early success has gone, why projects today take longer to ship and get smaller results than before?

Shipping enough experiments to get a Nobel Prize without seeing any measurable impact on numbers?

Running research project after research project where you learn things you already knew?

Starting to hear the rumbling of dissent in the ranks?

Overwhelmed by all the things you *could* be doing -- like looking at what your competitors build, scaling ad spend, pulling a new acquisition lever, investigating churn, optimizing activation, or testing a new referral model -- without a clear idea on what you *should* be doing?

What if you could break this growth plateau, unstick the decision-logjam, get your growth accelerating again, and stop guessing?

What if you could *know* exactly what to work on next and why?

Let me introduce you to "Root-cause-ology" aka: the discipline of figuring out the root cause of your growth challenges.

It's a blend of:

💡 Jobs To Be Done Customer Research

👥 Leadership & Team Relational Evaluation

💰 Big Bucket of Money Analysis (aka looking at your quantitative data for your biggest opportunities)

When leaders like you know the root cause of their growth challenges, they can:

✅ Close out the quarter with a clear strategy and 90% fewer unknown unknowns

✅ Say goodbye to decision fatigue and hello to having projects bubble up as the next obvious step on your path to getting great outcomes

✅ Set yourself up for the sustainable growth numbers that keep businesses running for decades

✅ Lay a foundation for long-term growth without sacrificing everything that works today

✅ Step into your role as a leader

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