I used to be terrible at getting buy-in for customer research.

I remember walking into my downtown loft converted warehouse office with a huge smile on my face. With the tenor of someone who was about to change the entire company’s growth trajectory, I’d boast:

"Hi! I'm Alli and we don't understand customers as well as we should! We should totally do customer research!"

Would you believe this wildly convincing and self-aware sales pitch didn’t work?!

For a while I grumbled and blamed everyone else for not seeing my brilliance.

"Their loss! Guess they just don't like making money!

But after a while I started to see that grumbling didn't help me. And I decided to do something about it. I decided to figure out how to get good a getting research AND at getting other people to see its value.

And since I made that shift, I have:

  • Get buy-in for using JTBD in onboarding strategies that led to triple-digit increases in performance
  • Coached over 50 people on how to set up their qualitative research repositories AND get other team members actually using the data stored inside
  • Launched a 0-1 product in a highly regulated industry in the face of deep internal resistance from folks who said that these customers "preferred spreadsheets" and "would never use an app"
  • Sourced and applied VOC data for projects led sales, product, marketing, customer success, and even engineering teams.
  • Learned ways of playing organizational politics that are nothing like the "manipulate and screw people over" games I used to fear and more like a game of "making friends and helping people"
  • Helped teams avert multi-million dollar mistakes in a single meeting
  • Gotten not only buy-in, but enthusiasm and excitement and resources for just about every project I've worked on, even my most controversial ones

Now I help software product, marketing, sales, and even engineering leaders get the insights to make decisions and the buy-in to get them done

image of logos Alli has worked with, including MURAL, Atlassian, Stunning, EnjoyHQ, Codecademy, Output, Userlist, TinySeed, and Autobooks.

How do you mobilize insights to drive strategy across an organization?

That's the guiding question for how I engage with leaders like you.

I help people who sit in one of the seats I sat in, knowing there is a way to pull more data into your decision-making, knowing there is a way to get your team aligned around a vision, knowing that other teams do this, but somehow, yours can't.

Not yet, anyway.

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