Why don’t prospects who should become your customers actually become your customers?

When your best prospects look for a solution to the problem your product solves, why don’t they choose you?

When new users sign up for a trial, what makes them disappear after one or two sessions?

When trialists choose not to upgrade (or paying customers churn after a few months), why do they leave? Where do they go? What could you have done differently to make them stay?

You might have a hunch about where the breakdown happens.

Maybe you’ve known for a while that the copy on emails or landing pages isn’t connecting with readers. You might suspect that your in-app onboarding flow gets in the way more than it helps people. Or maybe you’re even starting to wonder whether you’re attracting people who shouldn’t be your customers in the first place.

But knowing (loosely) that you have a problem or even where you have a problem isn’t the same as knowing (precisely) how to solve your problem.

Knowing where new users get stuck isn’t the same as knowing how to get them unstuck. Knowing when your trialists leave isn’t the same as knowing when to nudge them to make them stay. Knowing who is signing up isn’t the same as knowing how to write copy to attract your best-fit customers.

I’m a growth consultant for SaaS teams.

I help SaaS teams grow by diagnosing and fixing in-app and in-inbox onboarding UX problems that stop prospects from becoming customers.

I do that with qualitative research and analysis, wireframing and UX copywriting, and email and web conversion copywriting.

If you don’t know what’s happening for new users or customers immediately before and immediately after they join your world, hire me to shine a light on your blind spots. Let us show you how to use the insights your customers are already sharing with you into new in-app and in-email experiments hat stop prospects from becoming customers

Hire me for a consulting engagement to help you:

  • Investigate and diagnose why free-to-paid conversion rates miss your targets (before you start trying to fix them) with a scalpel-like audit of what it’s like for new users to start using your product
  • Identify and understand who is signing up for trials – and what needs to happen for them to be successful – with targeted user research
  • Redesign and rewrite your in-app onboarding flow and email campaigns based on real reasons people stop using a product without becoming a customer – (instead of the spreadsheet of survey responses that just says  “missing feature” and “price”are the top reasons for churn) with a UX copy for a new in-app onboarding flow and conversion copy for new onboarding emails

Sign up for emails to “hire” me to turn you into an expert at spotting and fixing problems that cost your business customers.

Building an onboarding experience that turns prospects into customers means blending a set of research, copywriting, UX, marketing, instructional design, and customer success skills. But most practitioners only ever have the opportunity to learn one or two at a time.

When you sign up for emails, you’re signing up to learn fundamentals on how how to approach and discuss onboarding from a multi-disciplinary approach.

These emailed lessons are for:

  • Practitioners who look at a list that includes research, copywriting, demand gen, email marketing, product management, customer success, and UX and say “I’m fairly confident in one or two of those disciplines but I’ll be so much more effective if I learn a few of the others.”
  • Solo founders or members of tiny teams who are in the habit of collecting skill sets to address and fix revenue-related problems and customer needs to get an expert fix – even if you aren’t able to hire an expert yet.
  • Freelancers, consultants, and agency workers who have to get up to speed with the moving parts of onboarding that affect their work – and have to find a way to get antagonistic stakeholders to buy-in to their ideas.