“I’m getting ready to launch a CRO strategy, but I’m worried about my blind spots.”

“My team is responsible for turning PQLs into SQLs, we’re running tons of experiments, but I feel like we’re missing something.”

“I need conversion-optimized emails to increase free-to-paid conversion rates, but I also need…something else.”

If everyone who declines to upgrade or chooses to cancel does so because of something happening in the product, copy won’t fix it. You already know that. But product decisions are outside of your jurisdiction.

And even if marketing was in charge of making changes to the product, how can you tell which changes are likely to address signups, upgrades or churn?


What if you knew who was signing up for trials – and why?

What if you could diagnose the likely reason for low free-to-paid conversion before you start trying to fix it?

What if you could build a retention strategy off of the real reasons people canceled – instead of the spreadsheet of survey responses that just says  “missing feature” and “price”are the top reasons for churn?

I diagnose revenue-related problems with user research and fix them with conversion copywriting for marketing teams at B2B SaaS businesses.

You can hire me to audit your current messaging, investigate why something is or isn’t happening during your customers’ lifecycle, and write the web and email copy to launch or grow a CRO or retention strategy.

Usually, I work with the Head of Marketing but most projects involve working with your teammates in product, development, and design.

I offer three types of services: Audits, Investigations, and Treatments.

Audits are for identifying what’s happening in your business. They’re for answering questions like: What’s it like to be a customer for the first time? Who is in charge of onboarding? Where are our customer-facing and internal blind spots?

Investigations are for understanding why something might or might not be happening in your business. Why do people sign up? Why do they upgrade to a paid plan? Who cancels? Who stays?

Treatments are for writing the copy to fix those problems, often as part of a broader CRO strategy. Most often, that includes copy for emails and web pages.

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