I promise to help you help your customers get started.

You may have built the exact right product for your customers. You may have shipped features that have helped hundreds or even thousands of your customers get started.

But if you don’t help your customers get started, if you don’t help your customers solve the problem that they have in the moment when they sign up to give your product a try…it doesn’t matter.

That’s why I want to listen to your customers. I want to help you understand why some people upgrade at the end of their trial while others leave. I want to write you conversion-optimized messages to help your brand new customers solve their problems.

The technical term for what I do: 

The process is called “onboarding optimization” or “Trial CRO”. I invented the second term. If you hire me for a research-only project, the deliverables are called “job stories” or “customer pain profiles”. If you hire me for an optimization or writing project, the deliverables are called “onboarding email sequences”.

How I got started with onboarding:

I used to hire and manage interns. Every three months, I’d welcome a new group of students new to the world of our company specifically and the working world generally. The more I set up my interns for success, the more successful they were.

Some other things I used to call myself:

English major. Mandarin minor. Writing tutor. Medical writer. Director of Marketing. Founder of a coloring company for grownups. Startup weekend organizer. Volunteer sculpture garden docent.

How you can get in touch with me:

Email me at alli@alliblum.com.

Kind words people have said about me:

“Before I hired Alli, I was swamped. There were simply no extra hands on deck in-house to help with writing email copy–and I was struggling to get buy-in on how conversion copywriting could make an impact in my domain, across our company, and down to the bottom line. When Alli presented her research and copy to our team, she got buy-in from leadership that has made my life SO much easier.

“Not only did someone write the copy for me, but now the whole team is on board with the power of words. She took something that everyone felt was “fluffy” and showed that it’s objective, systematic, and revenue driving. Alli gave us results (31% increase in open rates – on already decent copy – and an 82% lift in our click-through rate that doubles the industry standard) but more importantly to me, she won buy in on copywriting and content in general. Now that this project is done, I finally feel like I’ve got trust from my team.”
-Ashley Hockney, Content Marketing, Codecademy

“Your help with the webinar email was so incredible and funnily enough, led to a ton of improvements to the webinar itself. One of the main pieces of your feedback that stood out to me was how we were including a “feature focused” list of what users would learn, rather than a “benefits focused” list. This was absolutely spot on. So I worked on that and came up with a better benefits focused list. But after I’d done that it got me thinking…. now I need to live up to this on the webinar!

“So as a result, I’ve re-written the entire webinar and ran the first session on Wednesday. The feedback was incredible, the interest ratings shot up and the average time on the session was 20% higher! So I really do have to thank you from the bottom of my heart, not only for helping us to improve the invitation, but inspiring me to improve the webinar itself.”
-Hannah Voice, Onboarding, Buffer

“I was feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and under pressure to create something engaging that would generate new waitlist signups for my young SaaS company. Now, I’m feeling so relieved. Alli’s work is top-notch, and the experience of working with her is like collaborating with a trusted friend.”
-Claire Suellentrop, Co-Founder, Userlist.io

“I know if I send a project to Alli, she’ll get it delivered – and that it will be something special. She knows how to research an audience to find *exactly* which pain points hurt the most AND how to turn this raw data into engaging and persuasive copy. It takes real talent to write words that flow so hypnotically – so when you find a writer like Alli, hire her – I do.”
-Adam Noall, Conversion Rate Expert for SaaS, LetaLab

“Alli guided our students through a process to understand why storytelling matters and to identify a framework for building an effective story rich with detail and intensity. More importantly, she gave our students the tools to continue practicing and improving their storytelling skills. I highly recommend Alli for anyone who wants to learn how to connect with an audience more effectively.”
-Damian Salas, Assistant Dean of Entrepreneurship, Close School of Entrepreneurship, Drexel University