Get your client’s entire team so bought in on the JTBD research you delivered that your work transforms their company, they book you for more work than you can handle, and even the skeptics are asking for more

If an insight falls in a zoom meeting and there’s only one person there to hear it, does it make a sound?

You know how to present insights so that your stakeholder is itching to start taking action before you even finish your presentation.

You know how to get your insigts and recommendations packaged up in a way that will make them immediately actionable for anyone who wants to start shipping projects.

But after that presentation, after you ship those insights, what happens?

Who helps your stakeholder'ss work bestie understand and get excited about the insights you’ve uncovered? What about that person’s biggest rival? Or their direct reports?

What about the team over in product/marketing that thinks their personas are "Working just fine, thanks."? Or the team that insists they’ve been doing research but can’t share a single a single transcript? Or the group that insists they know everything there is to know about their customers, except for you know, when they start shopping, and what outcomes they’re trying to achieve?

What’s more, you’ve uncovered at least 5 more research projects you want to sell - but how on earth are you going to sell more research if your stakeholder can’t get anyone to do anything with the insights from the first project?

You know that JTBD works best when the entire organization believes in your findings. But your firm isn’t set up for change management.

You know your stakeholder is going to face a long road of change management after your project is done. Even if your stakeholder faces no antagonistic threats, how will they get a whole team of people who has never worked with JTBD before to apply your insights to copywriting, product strategy, UX, sales, even engineering?

Sure, you can ask people to listen to 10 hours of interviews. But even your most strident supporters won’t do that.

Unless - not until they see what’s in it for them.

Change management feels stiff and grumpy. But I like to make it fun and exciting.

What a stodgy term, “change management.” Not when I do it!

I work directly with your client to mobilize the insights in a way that gets people excited and asking for more.

I’ll become an expert on the insights you uncovered. I’ll listen to the interviews, read your analysis, and meet with you and your stakeholder on your biggest takeaways and priorities. After all, you’ve uncovered treasure, all that’s left to do is show everyone how valuable it is.

We can work together in one of three ways.

Partner with your stakeholder as a fellow strategist. We’ll see where your stakeholder is starting out and build a plan to get insights mobilized. I’ll meet with your stakeholder to develop a plan to execute the change they want to achieve at their organization.

  • Build on the sense of urgency that your insights uncovered
  • Build a coalition around the leader’s vision and the opportunities in the research
  • Strategize around getting buy-in, outcomes, and small wins

Develop and facilitate training curriculum using the data you uncovered.I develop a curriculum to train team members on the findings you uncovered. Lead an interactive training to introduce team members to JTBD concepts and identify the core job types you uncovered. After the initial session, an internal team member can take over the training to offer it as part of new employee onboarding. I’ll work with your primary stakeholder to determine our best course of action.

Get a whole company bought in on your insights and wanting to hire you for more - without the grumpies

Align your client’s team around a shared understanding of your customers: I turn the work you and your stakeholder have worked on into a training that transmits customer knowledge and insights into the brains of the team so they can all be aligned.

Increase org-wide buy-in on customer led-growth and VOC: The small groups that participate in training are more equipped to incorporate VOC into their own work and to share and discuss insights with others across the organization.

Amplify the impact of your work and increase the number of supporters singing your praises: Mobilizing the insights you’ve uncovered beyond the small group of people who hired you to find them gets the team you hired more excited about your work and their decision to hire you and will spread your reach throughout an org, increase potential referrals when those team members go to a new company one day.

"I was crafting the strategy and plan for my client to achieve their growth goals, it was like there was a missing puzzle piece that I couldn't quite identify or articulate.

Our session with Alli was the breakthrough I was looking for. Not only did she pull out so much more insight around what we needed to be successful, but she revealed some assumptions and requirements that weren't as clear or completely unknown before the session.

The first big a-ha moment was that we had an opportunity to realign the client's efforts with the founder's vision. And the second a-ha moment is that without Alli's thorough questioning and unpacking process, we wouldn't have arrived at our conclusions about what to do next."

-Asia Orangio, CEO, DemandMaven

Why me?

  • Coaching 50+ teams to establish VOC programs and qualitative research repositories
  • Enabled multiple marketing and product clients to establish evidence-based growth programs using VOC and JTBD
  • Spent a tour in almost every department at SaaS companies to learn the unique objections you're likely to encounter
  • Developed JTBD curriculum and trained others to ship it
  • Learned the hard way how NOT to get buy-in
  • Fellow JTBD practitioner

Get an entire company so excited about your insights they want to book you for more work than you can handle

Set up a discovery call with me here. If the times on my calendar don’t work for you, email me at [email protected] and we’ll make it happen.

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